I’ve added Jules’s latest photoshoot she did for InStyle‘s September, 20th Anniversary issue! I’ve added a few scans too, but I’m still working on finding the rest, enjoy!

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Here’s a preview which isn’t posted anywhere but InStyle’s 20th anniversary special page of Jules in the editorial! The first two pictures are already added in HQ to the gallery.


I’ve added some posters, artworks, stills and trailer screen captures from various movies of Jules. Check out!

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I’ve added so many interview screen captures of Jules talking and reviewing various movies of hers. Enjoy!

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In InStyle’s September issue, editor Ariel Foxman sat down with Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts for a chat at her favorite low-key Malibu cafe. Three hours later, Foxman emerged with notes on the 46-year-old’s family, style preferences, favorite films, and more. (Roberts even turned the tables on Foxman for her own line of questioning, which also appears in the issue.)

What follows is an excerpt of that conversation. To read the full interview (of both actress and editor) pick up the September issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download today.

Have you ever been starstruck?

Julia Roberts: Yes. I’m sure I’ve done other embarrassing things I’ve blocked out, but here’s the most starstruck moment I can remember: I was doing a press junket, and I was very sick, tired, and vulnerable—that has to be established. I’m doing interviews, and all of a sudden, in walks Gene Hackman. I did this: “Hi! Oh my God!” I hugged him and cried, “You’re so handsome!”

And what was his response?

He was very sweet, but he wanted to get away from me. It was so embarrassing.

How has Hollywood changed since you started out?

I say it to the point of sounding annoying and deceivingly old, but back in my day, showbiz was different. We didn’t have the Internet, and the types of scripts you got and the amount of scripts you got and what you got paid made sense. It also felt, for better or worse, entirely within my control.

That’s interesting. Can you elaborate?

Some years I’d make three movies, then I wouldn’t make a movie for two years. For some reason I [started feeling the pressure to] sustain momentum, and I knew that wasn’t for me. But it wasn’t like I was sitting down and putting much intellect into it. I chose every movie on instinct, and I was just fortunate that my instinct mostly lined up with the time I was occupying.

So if you had to create a definitive boxed set of your films for your kids, which ones would you include?

I’d have to say—in no order of favorite or year—Erin Brockovich, Closer, My Best Friend’s Wedding, August: Osage County, Ocean’s Eleven, and, I don’t know, Mystic Pizza or Pretty Woman. Oh! And Notting Hill! What am I thinking? Notting Hill is such a winner. [Later, Roberts emails one more: The Pelican Brief.] Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve added some reprint scans to the gallery of Jules from 2013-2014 years which are pretty rare. Thanks and credits for scans go to Frederik. Also, I’ve added some covers which are unknown, rare & misc from different years too.

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