Movie star Julia Roberts touched down in Montreal Thursday night, for her upcoming film Snow White by film maker Tarsem Singh, the actress is to play the role of the vicious queen. The 43 years old actress arrived at Mel’s Studios surrounded by bodyguards and heavy entourage.

The production of more than 125M$ is taking over five studios at the facility and the crew will be building Snow White’s village over a 100,000 square foot area. According to the Patron of Studio Mel’s Michel Trudel, who fought intensely for making this production happen in Montreal said filming in Montreal and at Mel’s studio is of great significance.

This is actress’ first visit in Montreal and her three children, the twins Phinneaus Walter and Hazel Patricia ages 7 years and Henry Daniel 4 years are expected to pay a visit following her weeks of filming.


Tom Hanks stars alongside Julia Roberts and his wife, Rita Wilson, in new film Larry Crowne, but only he attended the London premiere.

The 54-year-old actor explained their absence, saying: “I know, I’m all alone here. Julia, she has three kids so when she’s done with a movie, she pretends she never made the movie and it’s up to us to talk to her about it.

“My wife is at home because yesterday she had our granddaughter all to herself and she wasn’t about to pass that up by coming to this fabulous shopping centre”.

Producer Gary Goetzman also commented on the leading lady’s non-appearance, saying: “Julia Roberts is doing so much in America and she was here for ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ forever”, adding she had told him: “They’re sick of me over there'”.

Larry Crowne is released in UK cinemas on July 1.