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I had a wonderful time hanging out with Tarsem Singh today, talking about his latest action epic Immortals, when the conversation steered towards his as-yet-untitled Snow White movie, which stars Julia Roberts as the evil queen. He gave us some juicy inside details about the plot, the potential rating, and even some potentially SPOILER HEAVY descriptions of the film’s ending. The movie isn’t set to come out until next year, so we’ll warn you when the bigger revelations are coming towards the end of this excerpt from our upcoming interview.

CraveOnline: I have to ask. How is ‘Snow White’ coming?

Tarsem Singh: Awesome. It was much, much, much, much easier to do, because Julia [Roberts] was so on my side and everyone’s terrified of going against [her]. So all my fights were taken care of. I wanted to make a family film, and they asked me if I wanted to make it edgy, and I said, “No.”
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We want to wish the lovely and amazing Julia a very very happy birthday. She is the reason for the existance of this site. we hope she had a lovely day surrounded by those she loves.


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