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Julia Roberts might be one of the big screen’s most talented and beautiful leading ladies now, but back in high school in Georgia, the future Oscar winner was just “coasting” by.

The actress sat down with Access Hollywood Live’s Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Monday, where the star – who played the clarinet and oboe in school – revealed she wasn’t caught up in the teenage popularity contest.

”[I was] just mediocre, just getting through the hallways with my girlfriend Paige,” the actress said while chatting about her new movie, “Fireflies in the Garden.”

“We weren’t losers, but we weren’t popular, we were just coasting, that is exactly what we were doing,” the 43-year-old star explained of her close friend who is now daughter Hazel’s godmother.

Julia said guys didn’t initially take notice of her until “late.”

“But it was good timing for me, but, it was latish,” she continued.

Though musically gifted, the actress also didn’t catch the acting bug while in school.

“I was dramatic, I wouldn’t say I was theatrical,” she said with a laugh.

As for one of Julia’s upcoming theatrical moments, the untitled Snow White project with Lily Collins and Armie Hammer, the actress revealed a few details about the movie to Billy and Kit.

“We don’t have the classic dwarfs. Our dwarfs have different names and personalities than the fairytale,” Julia explained.

The actress also said she hasn’t told her three children she’s playing the movie’s villain.

“I haven’t like spelled it out that I’m the Evil Queen,” she continued. “Because I showed them [Disney’s] ‘Snow White’ and they had nightmares and they cried.”

“Fireflies in the Garden,” also starring Ryan Reynolds, hits theaters on October 14 and Julia’s untitled Snow White project is slated to debut on March 16, 2012.


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Can Julia Roberts hide her trademark smile long enough to play the Evil Queen in “The Brothers Grimm: Snow White”? Co-star Lily Collins told Access Hollywood that Julia brings all of her charm to their big screen fairytale, making it especially “creepy.”

“She’s playing evil in a way that I don’t think people are going to expect,” the 22-year-old actress, who is playing Snow White alongside Julia, told Access at the premiere of “Abduction” on Thursday in Los Angeles.

“Everyone loves that Julia smile and laugh and she maintains that, but in such this creepy eerie way that you don’t know if you love her or hate her,” she continued. “She’s brilliant and it’s been an honor. She’s so nice, she’s so classy, she’s just everything I had hoped she’d be.”

Lily told Access that making the fairytale movie has been hard work, but a dream.

“I flew in this morning, I fly back out tonight, I’m working tomorrow morning,” she explained. “It’s been the most incredible experience. I feel like I’m literally in a fairy tale every day. And I finish in about a week and a half, so I’m almost done.”

As for “Abduction,” her latest film with Taylor Lautner, Lily loved working with one of Hollywood’s hottest big screen teens.

“It was amazing. He’s such a gentleman and he’s so passionate about the work,” she said of “The Twilight Saga” star. “And I’m really proud of what we made, and I’m really proud for people to see him in a role that he hasn’t shown before and a side that they haven’t seen.”

“Abduction” debuts on September 23 and “The Brothers Grimm: Snow White” will hit theaters on March 16, 2012.