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I’ve added 35 pictures of Julia and Danny. They were spotted at a motel in Malibu.

43 pictures of Julia walking in Los Angeles have been added to our gallery!

First, let’s break this down: Originally, Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman, starring Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron, had set its release date for December 2012. Relativity’s untitled Snow White movie, starring Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer, scheduled its bow for June 29, 2012. Then, in an attempt to beat Relativity to the box office, Universal scheduled Huntsman for June 1, 2012. And now, Relativity confirms that its pushed up its release date to March 16, 2012. Before long, this race to the theaters might just end with audiences catching a Snow White screening by the end of this week.

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Here is the first official poster of the movie Larry Crowne.

Do you like it? :)

Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks on adult education, starting out in Hollywood, the power of optimism, and their new dramedy, Larry Crowne, the recession-era story of one man’s reinvention.

Lynn Hirschberg: In Larry Crowne, you play a professor at a junior college who teaches public speaking. Did you go to college?
Julia Roberts: No. This was my first college experience. And the first time I had to speak in front of a classroom, I was apoplectic. All these faces looking up at me, thinking, What is she going to teach us? I needed to find my composure. It was very hard—it was terrible, in fact.

If you went to college, what classes do you think you would take?
What did Tom say?

He said he’d take history classes.
Oh, come on—does he need to learn more history? If you cut Tom Hanks open, you would find history books. Enough with the history [Laughs]. I guess I’d take a class in homeopathy or psychology—something that I would use in my life. I did actually start taking sewing classes recently. I can wear what I’ve sewn, if I’m not in a strong wind. And I’m taking piano lessons with my kids. We can blame this new frontier on Tom Hanks. I sat next to a musician at a dinner party at Tom Hanks’s house, and I started thinking about piano lessons. In your 40s, you’re supposed to learn new things so your brain doesn’t turn to mush. So I’m practicing scales.

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