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I added some old candids from Julia in Hawaii on May 2011.

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Julia Roberts isn’t exactly known for being one of Hollywood’s mean girls.

Even so, the Oscar-winning actress tells us she didn’t hold back while filming her part as the Evil Queen in Relativity’s upcoming fairy-tale flick Snow White.

Lily Collins, beware…

[I’m] pretty evil,” Roberts dished at last night’s L.A. premiere of her new drama Fireflies in the Garden. In the film, the gorgeous 43-year-old plays a loving and kindhearted mother stuck in an abusive marriage, a far cry from her Snow White alter ego.

“There was like four and a half years between the two parts, so I had plenty of time to rev up,” she smiled.

As for Collins and her onscreen prince Armie Hammer, Roberts says they have “fabulous” chemistry.

“He was great,” Roberts said of working with the Social Network stud. “He was naked a lot in our movie too, so there’s a reason to buy a ticket!”

Meanwhile, Fireflies director Dennis Lee admitted Roberts as the Evil

Queen is a big stretch for him.

“I can’t imagine Julia being evil,” Lee laughed. “I’m sure she’ll be fine. But I have a hard time picturing her being mean. So I can’t wait to see that one onscreen…It will definitely be acting. That’s for sure.”

Cayden Boyd, who plays Roberts’ son (a young Ryan Reynolds) in Fireflies, echoed Lee. “She’s really nice and funny,” he gushed. “She was always making sure that I was OK.”