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Tom Hanks stars alongside Julia Roberts and his wife, Rita Wilson, in new film Larry Crowne, but only he attended the London premiere.

The 54-year-old actor explained their absence, saying: “I know, I’m all alone here. Julia, she has three kids so when she’s done with a movie, she pretends she never made the movie and it’s up to us to talk to her about it.

“My wife is at home because yesterday she had our granddaughter all to herself and she wasn’t about to pass that up by coming to this fabulous shopping centre”.

Producer Gary Goetzman also commented on the leading lady’s non-appearance, saying: “Julia Roberts is doing so much in America and she was here for ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ forever”, adding she had told him: “They’re sick of me over there’”.

Larry Crowne is released in UK cinemas on July 1.

source: ITN.co.uk

First, let’s break this down: Originally, Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman, starring Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron, had set its release date for December 2012. Relativity’s untitled Snow White movie, starring Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer, scheduled its bow for June 29, 2012. Then, in an attempt to beat Relativity to the box office, Universal scheduled Huntsman for June 1, 2012. And now, Relativity confirms that its pushed up its release date to March 16, 2012. Before long, this race to the theaters might just end with audiences catching a Snow White screening by the end of this week.

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