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Mar 3, 2013

‘Duplicity’ Screen Captures

Here are the Blu-Ray Screen Captures of Julia Roberts from Duplicity (2009). Enjoy!

duplicitybrcaps-0021.png duplicitybrcaps-0085.png duplicitybrcaps-0180.png duplicitybrcaps-0218.png

duplicitybrcaps-0333.png duplicitybrcaps-0418.png duplicitybrcaps-0435.png duplicitybrcaps-0473.png

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Dec 15, 2009

Golden Globe Nomation

Hey everyone! Julia has received a Golden Globe nomination for Duplicity – BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A MOTION PICTURE – COMEDY OR MUSICAL. Congrats Julia! We hope you win!

Mar 18, 2009

Julia Roberts Talks ‘Duplicity’ & More

‘Closer’ co-stars Julia Roberts and Clive Owen reunite on the big screen this month for ‘Duplicity,’ a romantic screwball caper comedy in which they play fast-talking spies turned corporate operatives who team up to try to con two rival titans of industry out of million upon millions of dollars — and perhaps fall in love along the way.

The film, writer-director Tony Gilroy’s impressive and assured follow-up to ‘Michael Clayton,’ boasts plentiful plot twists, the Gatling-gun dialogue of a Bogey-Bacall flick and — most importantly — Roberts’ first true lead role since 2003’s ‘Mona Lisa Smile.’

Moviefone sat down with Roberts and a small panel of journalists for a relaxed but revealing chat about the film — and ended up unearthing quite a few fun facts in the process. From why she and Clive have such great on-screen chemistry to what it takes to be invited into her kitchen to why she’d rather eat the world’s biggest, greasiest slab of meat than read a gossip magazine, here are eight things we learned about Julia Roberts. — By Tom DiChiara

1. Playing venomous lovers in ‘Closer’ actually did make Julia and Clive closer.

Mar 15, 2009

Julia Roberts and a part-time idol’s choices

Michelle Obama has nothing on Julia Roberts.

On the Monday after the Oscars, there was the elusive actress, in a fitted black blazer, jeans and rippling locks, with all the presence of a polished but approachable politician, pressing palms and personally greeting each member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. — that idiosyncratic group that bestows the Golden Globes — in a conference room of the Four Seasons Hotel. The line to speak with her was long, its denizens frequently shabby and odd and gushing, but Roberts did not flag, dutifully raining that glorious, improbable smile on every grateful scribe and posing for a memorializing photo.

She then disappeared, and returned with her hair upswept, sporting a green, summery linen top. She did a quick photo shoot (as the great “Slumdog Millionaire” actor Irrfan Khan, a hotel guest, stopped by and introduced himself) and retreated for this interview into an almost furniture-less meeting room. She perched on the only couch, eventually slinging one leg up in that idiosyncratic, long-legged recline, often seen in her movies and magazine spreads.

Unlike her married peers (Brangelina or TomKat), Roberts and husband Danny Moder have maintained a distinctly more selective media presence, and the Oscar-winning actress has emerged from her cocoon only to discuss her new film, “Duplicity” — the first movie she’s actually top-lined since 2003 — which opens Friday.

Mar 12, 2009

Julia Roberts: Inside ‘Duplicity’

Toys covered the floor, and Mary Poppins sang softly on the TV when director Tony Gilroy arrived at Julia Roberts‘ New York City apartment in the fall of 2007. The actress, who has three kids with husband Danny Moder, seemed to have relegated herself to ensemble work, but Gilroy was determined to woo her back to the screen in a major way. They sat in her kitchen, sizing each other up. He told her why she’d be perfect in Duplicity, as a slick corporate spy who trades kisses and quips with an equally smooth Clive Owen. Then Roberts’ new baby, Henry, started burbling for his mama, 3-year-old twins Finn and Hazel woke from their naps, and the meeting took a G-rated turn. ”It started off, I thought, with me seeming very chic,” says Roberts, ”because it was just me and Tony sitting having a cup of tea. Then one by one they all woke up and came in until I looked like Mother Hubbard.”

Today, Roberts is tucked away in a suite at midtown Manhattan’s Ritz-Carlton hotel. Her kids are safely ensconced in another room, always near their mother, but shielded from the rigors of her public life. Roberts is in game spirits, and she takes a crack at writing the headlines that will inevitably trumpet her return to the spotlight — and question her relevance going forward. ”The Pretty Woman Is Back!” she teases. ”The Working Woman! Everybody’s talking about ‘Oh, this is her comeback’ and ‘Ooh, she’s 41 and she’s working and not a lot of girls in their 40s are working.”’ She shakes her head, her face sliding into that famous grin. ”Well, I’m baaaa-aaaack,” she says in a patient voice, free of any urgency. We might have missed her more than she missed us.

Mar 9, 2009

Interview: The spy who’s lovable

NEW YORK — All it took was a question about sex — and out came that famous Julia Roberts guffaw of a belly laugh, echoing around a Manhattan hotel suite overlooking Central Park.

The abruptness of the Oscar winner’s loud chortle Friday even made her ”Duplicity” co-star Clive Owen start a bit in his seat. But then, as the actor admitted later, it is Roberts’ ”brilliant sponteneity” that is one of the things he loves most about acting with her.

Oh yes, we should get back to that question about sex — actually sexiness.

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