Vanity Fair – April

Here are some lovely scans of Julia Roberts in Vanity Fair – April 2012. Enjoy!

27272_julia_roberts_vfair_apr12_1_122_349lo.jpg 27276_julia_roberts_vfair_apr12_3_122_133lo.jpg

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Mirror Mirror – Gallery Update

Here are some HQ images of Julia Roberts in the film Mirror Mirror (posters/promos, production stills and behind the scenes.). Enjoy!

93428_M_SET_688_09679_122_337lo.jpg 88748_M_035_SW_BL_0016_BLrv1__122_24lo.jpg 90298_MM_007_122_370lo.jpg 90149_MM_001_122_377lo.jpg

Gallery Link:
- POSTERS (Mirror Mirror)
- BEHIND THE SCENES (Mirror Mirror)
- STILLS (Mirror Mirror)

Mirror Mirror

The upcoming project Mirror Mirror which stars Julia Roberts has been pushed back from a release date of March 16th to March 30th.

Mirror Mirror Trailer 2

Julia Roberts talks about her Evil Queen role:

JULIA Roberts insists it wasn’t all fun and frolics playing the evil queen of Snow White — especially when she needed the toilet.

The smiley America’s sweetheart says that thanks to the huge amount of material and wire in her dress for fairytale movie Mirror Mirror she could not have any comfort breaks during filming.

“It was tricky to go to the ladies’ room, I can tell you, but it was a case of suffer in silence and suffer for your art!” he said.

“Tarsem is the one person who could get me to happily suffer for my art.”

Julia, 44, says that while her giant frock was elaborate and colourful it was also very uncomfortable.

“It was massive! It was like architecture — I was basically wearing buildings,” she said.

“It was hard to get around but they were appropriate and amazing even if they were uncomfortable to be in for long periods of time.”

Mirror Mirror TV Spot 1

Larry Crowne Photos Update

Added some more Larry Crowne stills & posters and replaced some with HQ.

Notting Hill Blu-Ray Captures & More Stills

Added captures & some more stills of Julia in Notting Hill.

Larry Crowne LA Premiere – more pics

I’ve added more HQ pictures from the premiere. We have now over 120 pictures in our gallery!

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