I’ve added high quality old photoshoots to the gallery which were missing and are quite rare. Check out!

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Photoshoots Sessions > Session 36

Photoshoots Sessions > Session 37

Photoshoots Sessions > Session 38

Photoshoots Sessions > Session 40

I’ve continued adding screen captures from various old and new videos to the gallery. Enjoy!

Clean_Cookstoves_and_Fuels-_A_Global_Perspective_271.jpg Julia_Roberts_interviewed_at__August-Osage__County_Los_Angeles_premiere_500.jpg Dans_les_coulisses_de_La_vie_est_belle_L_Eau_de_Parfum_Legere_506.jpg Julia_Roberts_on_Conspiracy_Theory_-_1997_018.jpg

Julia_Roberts_Eats2C_Prays___Loves_142.jpg Julia_Roberts2C_PrimeTime_Live_with_Diane_Sawyer_28199429_045.jpg elmo_and_julia_Roberts__m4v_054.jpg Julia_Roberts_on_Hollywood___Hookers_064.jpg 


Movie Productions > Eat Pray Love (2010) > Interview Captures

Movie Productions > Conspiracy Theory (1997) > Interview Captures

Movie Productions > Mirror Mirror (2012) > Interview Captures

Movie Productions > Closer (2004) > Interview Captures

Screencaptures > Julia Roberts on Hollywood & Hookers

Screencaptures > Clean Cookstoves and Fuels- A Global Perspective

Screencaptures > Julia Roberts @ ‘Kit Kittredge- An American Girl’ Premiere – 2008

Screencaptures > Julia Roberts George Clooney Critics Choice Awards Backstage 2006 1

Screencaptures > Julia Roberts, PrimeTime Live with Diane Sawyer (1994)

Screencaptures > Julia Roberts interviewed at ‘August:Osage’ County Los Angeles premiere

Screencaptures > Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep ‘August- Osage County’ Los Angeles Premiere Red Carpet

Screencaptures > Elmo and Julia Roberts

Photoshoots Sessions > Behind The Scenes > Dans les coulisses de La vie est belle L’Eau de Parfum Légère

I’ve added Jules’s latest photoshoot she did for InStyle‘s September, 20th Anniversary issue! I’ve added a few scans too, but I’m still working on finding the rest, enjoy!

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Photoshoot Sessions > Session 39

I’ve added some posters, artworks, stills and trailer screen captures from various movies of Jules. Check out!

firehouse.jpg MIRROR_MIRROR_Movie_Trailer_452.jpg still7.jpg poster4.jpg

poster~0.jpg The_Normal_Heart_-_trailer_28201429_HBO_1404.jpg still1~0.jpg still5.jpg


Movie Productions > August: Osage Country (2013)

Movie Productions > Firehouse (1987)

Movie Productions > The Normal Heart (2014)

Movie Productions > Mirror Mirror (2012)

I’ve added so many interview screen captures of Jules talking and reviewing various movies of hers. Enjoy!

Julia_Roberts__Larry_Crowne__Interview_066.jpg   The_Normal_Heart-_Interview_with_Julia_Roberts_28HBO_Films29_1903.jpg


Movie Productions > Mirror Mirror (2012) > Interview Captures

Movie Productions > Larry Crowne (2011) > Interview Captures

Movie Productions > The Normal Heart (2014) > Interview Captures

Movie Productions > August: Osage County (2013) > Interview Captures

I’ve added some reprint scans to the gallery of Jules from 2013-2014 years which are pretty rare. Thanks and credits for scans go to Frederik. Also, I’ve added some covers which are unknown, rare & misc from different years too.

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Magazine Scans > 2013

Magazine Scans > 2014

Magazine Scans > Miscellaneous